Wheat flour (atta) is one of the key sources of nutrition in our daily diet, especially in North India. Daily millions of Indian families start their day by consuming wheat flour which gives them enough energy to do their daily task effectively. As wheat flour contains very essential minerals, vital fibers and key vitamins like vitamin B1, vitamin B3 and vitamin B5 which are required by a human body to lead an active and healthy life.

However, every other wheat flour brand nowadays suspects to be adulterated but we @ Belwal Bhog strives every possible effort to give our consumers the best quality of wheat flour that they deserve from the hard-work money that they earned. As because each and every grain of wheat passes from our factory mills qualifies for various quality control checks which ensures high standard of food safety and hygiene.


We at Belwal Bhog add nothing more than pure wheat flour in our products. Which means that no bleach, no chalk powder and other adulterated particles in our product because you (consumers) are our top priority?

Although some other top wheat flour brands boast to add some specific kind of food preservatives in order to increase its shelf life but, in our Belwal Bhog don’t play such cheap tricks with our consumers and yes, our shelf life is as long as the other brands mentions.


Our farms and wheat that we use is 100% certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of Indian (FSSAI). FSSAI helps in maintaining and formulating the best quality standards. In addition, it helps in implementing the measures in order to remove hazardous and harmful elements from the product.


Consumers in 21st century have become more concerned regarding the hygiene and cleanliness in the food that they consume and that’s why we at Belwal Bhog use various stages of cleaning process so that high level of quality standards can be maintained.

Our food chain starts from the farms to the plates of the end consumers. Through this chain, it is our top priority to make sure that the wheat flour is not contaminated with any potential toxic bacteria, chemicals and toxins from production, transportation, preparation and consumption. All our food handlers along with the production chain have safe food handling practices and we also have a well trained team throughout the food chain process.


Belwal Bhog is a trusted name in the field of manufacturing of flour mill for domestic as well as commercial use. Our delightful journey started in 2014 and since then our firm serving many families all over India. Millions of families start their day by consuming our product which fulfils the needs of today’s customers and gives them enough energy to start their day.


Since the establishment of our company, our key aim is to provide maximum satisfaction to our beloved customers. We at Belwal Bhog understand how important it is to provide best and finest quality of flour to your family. And it is our top priority to help you do so. That’s why we make sure that our each and every product goes through our deliberately inspection process.


We want you to serve our best quality of flour that you deserve from the money that you invest in purchasing our precious product and that is why we procure our grains from many places so that we could choose the best grain and you get the best.

We do every possible thing in order to ensure high standards of food safety and hygiene. We use a specified process of stage for cleaning so that high level of hygiene could be maintained.

Enriching our atta with essential micronutrients such as iron, folic acid and vitamin B 12 makes our wheat flour a vital source of micronutrients and helps in fight against the deficiency of micronutrients.


Our packaging process is end-to-end is mechanized and our precious wheat grains are grounded through a modern ‘chakki’ grinding process that preserves their natural goodness to ensure you get the best taste as well as nutrition. Moreover, the packaging process is done by superior and is of finest quality to ensure the rich quality of packed nutrients in the package.


In each and every Indian kitchen, wheat flour or Atta is a vital item and it is not only prevailing nowadays but from the very beginning of the Indian cooking culture. And this is also for a valid reason as because it contains some very essential minerals, sprightly fiber and key vitamins like vitamin B1, vitamin B3 and vitamin B5 which are eminently required by our body in order to lead an active and healthy life.
Moreover, it also helps to people to cope with diabetes. Although, each and every other item in today’s market seems to be adulterated, one may find it often difficult to distinguish between a real and authentic flour wheat and an adulterated wheat flour. But not to worry, in this article we will resolve your problem just read down below.


Here are some useful tips to choose the right quality of wheat flour.

1) Wheat flour can often be adulterated small molecules such as pebble straw, dust; weed seeds damaged grains, etc. And these are some items which we human can distinct with our bare eyes. So, next time check for these particles carefully before buying wheat flour.

2) Wheat flour could often be mixed up with chalk powder and chalk powder is something which is very hard to distinguish when mixed up with wheat flour. But, there is a way to cope with it. One can check for the presence of chalk powder foul by putting some dilute hydrochloric acid to the grain sample in a test tube and eventually, if there is chalk powder added in it, it will come up the surface.

3) Also, do not choose the flour if you observe more wheat bran than the wheat itself. To check the adulteration, one can simply put some flour in a glass of water and can check if the bran floats on the top.

However, the above given points are some primary steps to check out for the wheat flour or Atta adulteration, one can get easily testified the quality of his wheat flour in an authentic scientific lab (on his own expenses).


The use of old traditional stone grinders not only helps in the removal of germs, grain, brain and other extra particles needed but, also adds potent nutrition in the wheat flour. And in the end you will get the purest and finest quality of wheat grain. Some of you might find using of stone grinders bizarre or weird but it is very natural and helps in giving the best form of wheat flour. At last, food adulteration is very harmful for health and food addictives like artificial color can cause you various skin allergies and skin diseases but by following the above written steps you will never be manipulated again and can choose the finest quality of wheat flour for you and members of your family.